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We're humbled and grateful for the support we've received throughout this project. As we grow, so does our network of helpful, caring, and inspiring people. Here are some of the organizations and individuals that have been instrumental in the creation and growth of The Mushroom Factory. We fondly refer to this group as the Spore Corps—they're our mentors, cheerleaders, accountability partners, suppliers, and stakeholders. Thank you for all you do to support our growth!

Spore Corps


We are fortunate recipients of three awards through Motor City Match. MCM Space, Design, and Cash grants have helped us formalize our business, design and plan our warehouse renovation, and fund its build-out.

The super knowledgable team at Maine Cap n' Stem welcomed us for a tour of their farm and we were blown away by what they've built. They're always super generous with their time and talents, and their innovative block farm model is supporting The Mushroom Factory as well as many other mushroom farms around the country. Check out their #shroomsofdoom

Ocelot Print Shop printed the t-shirts and tote bags you can find in our Mush Merch store. They're so great to work with—a collective of thoughtful artists dedicated to helping bring visions to print. We can't wait to take a class at their community studio.

Michigan Farm to Freezer has been instrumental in helping us scale our production. Brandon and his team are experienced in supporting farmers, perserving produce at its peak freshness, and keeping Michigan-grown food local. We’re grateful for their work and we couldn’t grow without them.

Local craftsman, Richard Ganas, generously donates the hardwood sawdust and shavings from his beautiful furniture designs and creations.

This nonprofit runs a farmer-friendly coop of local growers, Grown in Detroit, that offers resources and support which make it possible for us to sell our mushrooms at Detroit's historic Eastern Market.

Designer Margaret Chiarelli of Odd Zero Design worked patiently with us to develop our farm's updated logo and branding. We LOVE what she created for us and count ourselves lucky to be included in her gorgeous portfolio. She's a true artist and technician and we love the magic she brought to The Mushroom Factory's visual identity.

We encountered many challenges when we set out to convert an abandoned warehouse into a functioning farm. Perhaps the most daunting was assessing and remediating the pollution left over from previous industries. August Mack Environmental, Inc. led us through the process, helping us ensure safe growing conditions and up to date records with MDEQ.

Deana has competed in two business plan and pitch competitions hosted by Michigan Women Forward. In addition to helping women-owned business access capital, MWF also serves as an invaluable source of advice, support, and mentorship.

Detroit's Historic Eastern Market is not only a destination for chefs and residents to do their weekly shopping, it's also mission driven nonprofit that serves Detroit's food growers and producers. Eastern Market Growing Communities has supported The Mushroom Factory with multiple equipment grants that helped us increase our farm's production.

Environmental stewardship is a key tenet of our mission at The Mushroom Factory. We are grateful to the experts at Marine Pollution Control who helped us safely remediate contaminated soil at our factory site.

We are thrilled to be among the New Economy Initiative’s 2018 NEIdeas Grantees. NEI has created a network for small businesses to access funding, find mentors, and connect with other small businesses within Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park. We’re so fortunate be a part of this community.

A Build Social—now called Build Impact—class through the Build Institute is where we hatched the idea for The Mushroom Factory back in 2014. Our journey of becoming business owners started with Build!

North Spore

This Portland, ME-based business supplies our mushroom spawn. They're a hardworking team of farmers and mycologists and produce some of the highest-quality spawn we've seen!

Natalie Marion is a Detroit-based artist and illustrator, and is the creative force behind The Mushroom Factory postcard designs. We love her whimsical, colorful style and how generously she shares her time and talents with local small businesses.

We are proud members of FoodLab Detroit, which supports the growth and development of good food businesses in Detroit and beyond. FoodLab provides resources for food entreprenuers to increase sustainability, promote sustainability, and work toward an equitable food system.