Photo by Jeffrey Bate, 2015

Deana Wojcik

Founding Farmer  

Before becoming a farmer, Deana worked for 10 years as a public school teacher, curriculum developer, and coach. This work taught her many things, including the powerful influence of what we eat on how we feel and function. Promoting access to healthy food and sustainable jobs drives Deana's work with The Mushroom Factory. As a strong believer in the power of food to create and nurture community, Deana is proud to work alongside Detroit's urban farmers and environmental activists toward the creation of a food-sovereign city.

Photo by Deana Wojcik, 2014



Chris Carrier

Founding Farmer 

Chris spent over 10 years working as a software engineer with Silicon Valley companies. He continues to stay involved with technology as a software consultant and by tinkering with electronics, including Raspberry Pi and Arduino. He also enjoys throwing himself into new projects, from worm composting. to time-lapse photography, to learning to play the violin. Chris spent many years growing mushrooms as a large-scale hobby and brings that experience to The Mushroom Factory.